Watch: BTS’ Jungkook Releases his Solo Album ‘Seven’ Breaking the Previous Records

Watch: BTS Jungkook's Releases his Solo Album 'Seven' Breaking the Previous Records

BTS’ Jungkook has recently released a highly anticipated solo single ‘Seven’ with an attractive music video. The MV breaks records, as it has gained 39 million views in 24 hours.

Jungkook, the member of the K-pop sensation BTS, has finally unveiled his highly anticipated solo single, ‘Seven’, The album has finally released after months of anticipation from ARMYs worldwide.

As per the reports the release of ‘Seven’ was accompanied by a stunning music video which has been shared on YouTube and Twitter by HYBE Labels. It was not surprising to note that within just 24 hours, the MV got astonishing views which included “39 million views” which shows Jungkook’s dominance all over the world. Breaking the records ‘Seven’ claimed the position of #1 spot in an astounding 100 countries, making it the fastest song to achieve such a feat in history. It took just over 2.5 hours for ‘Seven’ to surpass previous records, which firmly established Jungkook as a tough competition in the music industry

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Although ‘Seven’ marks his official global solo debut, Jungkook has previously released successful singles such as ‘My Time’, ‘Still With You’, and ‘Euphoria’, albeit as free tracks.

The music video for ‘Seven’ has featured one of the most popular K-drama actresses Han So-hee along with the American rapper Latto, depicting a conflicting and disturbed relationship between Jungkook and So-hee. The MV opens with a heated argument between the couple in an upscale restaurant, which escalates as the restaurant suddenly catches fire.

BTS ARMYs are captivated with Jungkook’s look over as a devoted boyfriend in the music video as the singer goes to great lengths to win back his partner’s affection.

Fans have loved the video and that has resulted in the overflowing of the comment section from the fans from the whole world. One fan commented,”Love how ‘Seven’ showcases Jungkook’s ability to experiment with different genres. This song pushes boundaries and proves that he’s not afraid to explore new sounds.”

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Another fan showed his admiration by commenting that, “I absolutely love this song… the vibe is amazing, Jungkook’s vocals, the beat, the lyrics, the MV (the acting of JK and Sohee)… it’s all incredible! We truly are the luckiest fandom in the world.”

As the album “Seven” again captures the hearts of the BTS ARMY worldwide, it is clear that Junkook is quite talented and has gained massive popularity all over the world.


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