Two women made to walk naked in the street of Manipur -Video goes viral

Two women made to walk naked in the street of Manipur -Video goes viral

Manipur Imphal: A gruesome video of 2 women walking naked with a group of men in a parade through the streets of Manipur state

went viral on social media, sparking widespread condemnation and calls to action. A group of people claimed that two women were robbed in a field. According to a statement from the

National Leaders Forum (ITLF), the incident occurred on May 4 in the Kangpokpi area, about 35 kilometers from the provincial capital, Imphal. However, police said that although the Initial Information Report (FIR) was submitted in Kangpokpi, the incident occurred in another area.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh ordered the police to seriously investigate the case.

Mr. Singh told NDTV that Minister of Women and Child Development Smriti Irani spoke to him and the prime minister about the dire situation. Mr. Singh said he is confident that the culprits will be brought to justice soon.

The horrific scene in front of the camera occurred the day before the clash between the Metai tribe, which is the valley rulers in Manipur state, and the Kuki hill tribe over the Metai tribe’s claim to the Scheduled Tribe (ST) status.

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ITLF said in a statement: “..The horrific incident that occurred in the Kangpokpi district on May 4 saw men repeatedly attack desperate women crying and begging for their hostages. Calling on the National Council of Women and the National Council of Scheduled Tribes to take action, the ITLF said, “The perpetrators of

have contributed to the horrific abuse suffered by these innocent women by deciding to share this video showing the identity of the victim on social media.” action.

Mrs Smriti Irani tweeted that she spoke to Mr Singh:

Manipur police reported in a tweet today that they are suing for violence and murder charges.

Clashes in Manipur, mainly between the Meitei and Kuki communities, have been going on since 3 May.

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The violence began after the tribe held a joint protest against the tribe’s request to register the tribe with the Metai community. At least 140 people have been killed, many injured and around 50,000 displaced so far.

The Kuki group accused BJP Prime Minister N. Biren Singh of Manipur for inciting violence, while the opposition criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being silent on the debate.

Later Prime Minister Narendra Modi breaks the silence and said:

‘The video showing atrocity against women in Manipur is the most shameful. I’m pained and angered about the incident and I assure people of the country that guilty will not be spared and subjected to severest punishment,”


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