Urfi Javed Flight Molestation Video: Says ‘Being Drunk Is No Excuse’

Uorfi Javed, a popular Indian actress and social media influencer, has shared a video on her Instagram Stories of a group of men who she alleges harassed her on a flight from Mumbai to Goa.

In the video, Javed can be seen sitting in her seat on the plane, while a group of men can be seen sitting behind her. The men are making lewd comments and gestures at Javed, and one of them appears to be trying to touch her.

Urfi Javed Flight Molestation Video

Javed confronts the men, and one of them tells her that they are drunk and that they didn’t mean any harm. However, Javed insists that their behavior was unacceptable.

“Being drunk is no excuse to misbehave with women,” Javed wrote in a caption accompanying the video. “Public figure YES, Public property NO.”

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Javed’s video has been widely shared on social media, and many people have expressed their support for her. Some have also criticized the airline for not doing more to intervene in the situation.


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An airline spokesperson said that they are investigating the incident and that they take any reports of harassment very seriously.

This is not the first time that Javed has been the target of harassment. In the past, she has been subjected to online abuse and trolling. She has spoken out against this abuse on numerous occasions, and she has urged her fans to report any instances of harassment to the authorities.


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Javed’s experience is a reminder that women can be harassed anywhere, even in public spaces. It is important to speak out against harassment and to hold those responsible accountable.

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