Singer Jessie J celebrates being a mother

Singer Jessie J celebrates being a mother

Being a new mom can be exhausting, but Jessie J dresses to show off, proving that Barbie still has time and energy.

The Price Tag singer, real name Jessie Cornish, dazzles in a teal bikini and has become the target of a mother in the image of herself napping with her baby.

My mom shares her daily struggles and achievements with me, the first time with her 13.5 million followers on Instagram. FIFTY FIFTY She perfectly captures the Barbie mood as she dances in Barbie Dream, bobbing her boob playfully towards the camera.

Fans can see the 35-year-old wearing a gold necklace with 3 cute letters from her son’s name.

In fact, the singer Domino wrote, “Don’t be sick 10 weeks after giving birth, old tooth barbie, 🥛 Barbie, will she release new music? Barbie 4, Barbie 4 days 4 we always love Barbie.” Apparently, fans called Rosie Nixon “Beautiful Barbie 💖” too.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists defines the postpartum period as the first 12 weeks after birth. Currently, the postpartum period is often referred to by doctors as the “fourth month” because women’s bodies are still going through hormonal and physical changes and are recovering after childbirth (vaginal or surgical).

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In captivity, Jessie J went to preach the gospel “to anyone who wants to read this.”

“Take your time.” Give yourself, your body, and your mind a break. Don’t forget that you’re healing, and don’t forget to remember the people around you as well,” she wrote. “Celebrate your new body. It has to change.

Earlier, the British pop star said that she missed spending time with her loved ones while adjusting to life as a new mother.

“I miss a lot of people in my life now. I haven’t met many people I love and admire. My family, friends, and colleagues are friends. Ah,” she began.

“Even if I’m in Babyland and Purple World, even if I don’t arrive right away or have time to do it again, please know that I miss you so much.”

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She explained: “I’m just thinking about my baby. But I can’t wait to live my best life and see you again. Now let’s get back to work and relationships.This time is very special. “

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