‘Bajirao Mastani’ Shows Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone Dribbling In A Low Grade Trailer

India filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali has made his mark with epic movies over the years and comes up with a new trailer of the long-awaited movie, “Bajirao Mastani”, starring Deepika Padukone and her boyfriend Ranveer Singh.

With his last few movies finding a dull rating whether it be “Guzaarish” or the intertwined love story of “Ram and Leela”, Sanjay has lost a bit of his grandeur.

The “Bajirao Mastani” trailer opens up with a battle scene with Ranveer Singh flaunting out his bald look has been out for eye grabbers.

But the most important aspect lies in the sheer sense of cinematography that still is unappealing as the trailer format displays it.

‘Bajirao Mastani

The scenes are lowly lighted and are more or less moving at a slow pace.

Particularly the stares are unlimited as the actors look at the cameras with undoubtedly low level expressions that could make one think about the prospect of the whole film in its own manner.

The battle scene also seems a little jeopardized as Ranveer Singh rides his horse looking a bit perplexed and out of tone for a man in a war.

This seemed a bit out of style since Ranveer had been known for his stylish avatar and the electric persona that he carries.

Eventually, Deepika Padukone is shown getting buckled up for the war with no special touches over the cinematographic part. Priyanka Chopra is also seen in an Aishwarya Rai avatar from Devdas lighting up diyas with a kiddie smile on her face.

Apparently, there are a few scenes that deserve mention which shows Deepika cradling a baby and fighting with a few bad-asses.

The sword fighting looks more of a dance step rather than a cry for battle scene.

One could not establish the meaning since the whole trailer is completely utter-less and works on with a background score only.

Maybe the movie’s trailer would not depict much as we get ready to check them out near theatres during its release time.