Another concert incident: Cardi B throws microphone on a fan

Another concert incident: Cardi B throws microphone on a fan

Cardi B has big goals. During the concert, one of the audience threw water on her, and she threw the microphone at them

Someone tried to counsel rapper Cardi B after the singer was attacked at Saturday’s concert.

However, She soon got her revenge. A video from the concert shows one of the audience members throwing water at Cardi and splashing it in her face.

Angrily, Cardi threw the microphone at the person and smack them in the face.

The same video went viral on the internet. In the video, a fan in the crowd throws a drink at Cardi B and splashes it in her face. The angry rapper threw the microphone directly at the fan. Later, security dragged that person who was at the concert outside.

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The video was shot by different people from different angles. The rapper can also be seen shouting on stage.

Cardi sings the song “Bodak Yellow”. She appeared on stage in an orange draped dress. Cardi blocks her path when the water hits her, but the music continues to play behind her.

She knew who threw the drink and hung up the microphone on them. Security guards then arrested the person and dragged him out of the audience. Here are the video that capture the event from different angle.


Cardi B and Harry Styles are the latest singers to be thrown at them by concertgoers during the show, including Bebe Rexha, Drake, Kelsea Ballerina, Steve Lacy, Kid Cudi and Pink.

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While 33-year-old Rexha was performing in New York last month, Nicolas Malvagna from the crowd threw his phone in the middle of a song and hit her in the face.

According to People magazine, the musician fell to the ground and his phone cut off her eyelash, requiring stitches.

Meanwhile, at a recent performance of Kelsea Ballerina in Boise, Idaho, an object hit her in the face and a fan dropped the bag containing her late mother’s ashes. It looked like Pink was throwing it on the stage. “I don’t know how i feel a about it” replied Pinker, according to a video shared on Twitter by a participant.

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