‘Bigg Boss OTT2’: Salman Khan bashes Elvish Yadav; fans Criticize

'Bigg Boss OTT2': Salman Khan bashes Elvish Yadav; fans Criticize

In last night episode of “Bigg Boss OTT 2”, Salman Khan confronted some of the housemates behavior and warned them about how the public usually judges them.

Salman Khan specifically warned Elvish Yadav not to use bad language.

Jiya told Pooja Bhatt, “After your speech, the Elvish came and asked if I I feel safe with him. So even then Elvish never came to talk and said he was talking about messages from social media.”

“… I don’t feel safe around him. Because if he knows and can speak in front of many cameras, then I don’t know what he’s like out there. Body language and everything you seeā€¦ Even after talking to you, he should have come to me and apologized, but he turned around and accused me of telling everyone the wrong things about her.

Saturday, the host repeated last week with “anger incarnated” in his bedroom. He started the episode by talking about the “lowest time” everyone went.

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The superstar also talked about his own hard times and explained it whenever possible. He complained about his job, his movies failed and he hit rock bottom.

Manisha and Bebika got into several fights this week, even pushing Manisha Rani during the fight. Bebika denial of all allegations against her made the host even more uncomfortable. He then opens it up to Elvish Yadav and drags him into an angry conversation with Abhishek Malhan and Manisha Rani.

The Bollywood star also talked about how some of the contestants use offensive language in front of the camera this week. He said he would not allow such behavior even if it was uncensored OTT.

Even through that the fans of Elvish Yadav come to support and trend him in Twitter:

They bashed Bigg Boss makers and Salman Khan for defaming Elvish and his friend in the house.


He showed housemates a clip of Elvish which he spoke disrespectfully with Bebika which caused the anger of housemates Salman criticized Elvish fan base on social media, saying that even though he has millions of followers, no one wants to watch him.

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YouTuber’s mother is also connected to the Elvish-like phone call. Elvish apologized to Salman for his words and promised to be careful in the future.

He also apologized to his housemates for his behavior and explained that he had anger issues to deal with.

When Elvish was devastated when he heard his mother’s voice, Salman Khan said, “Elvish listen to me, your mother didn’t watch this video. We removed the inappropriate part from the clip and showed the censored version.”

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