Kansas Governor Proposes Tax Rebate Up to $900

Kansas Governor Proposes Tax Rebates Up to $900

(Topeka, KS) – Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced a proposal on Tuesday that would lead to a tax rebate of $450 for individuals and $900 for married taxpayers filing jointly. The rebates would be funded by the state’s one-time budget surplus, which is estimated to be around $1.6 billion.

“I’m proposing a one-time tax rebate to put money back in the pockets of Kansans,” Kelly said in a statement. “This is a responsible way to use our surplus while also helping to stimulate our economy.”

The rebates would be sent out to taxpayers in the form of direct payments. They would be based on 2022 tax returns, and taxpayers would not need to apply for them.

The proposal is still subject to legislative approval. However, Kelly’s office said that she is confident that the legislature will support the measure.

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“I believe that this is a fair and equitable way to use our surplus,” Kelly said. “It will help Kansans with the rising cost of living, and it will help to stimulate our economy.”

The proposal has been met with mixed reactions from taxpayers and lawmakers. Some have praised the proposal, saying that it would provide much-needed relief to Kansans. Others have criticized the proposal, saying that it is not enough and that the state should use the surplus to invest in infrastructure or education.

The proposal is available for review on the Kansas Department of Revenue website.

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