Dwayne Johnson opens up about ‘Black Adam’ mystery

Dwayne Johnson opens up about 'Black Adam' mystery

During the filming of Kevin “Hart to Heart” the actor said that he never understood the character’s abandonment, despite the character’s popularity.

In a new episode of Kevin “Hart to Heart” Talk show on Peacock, Dwayne Johnson shares the rise and fall of Black Adam. Shortly after the 2022 comic book baseline was released, DC Studios completely changed its mind about the sequel. According to Variety, the movie should lead a new storytelling division at Warner Bros. DC Universe.

“You are creating a new superhero and want to expand the series. Bring back Superman and Henry Cavill – and the world will go crazy. … We created a group of superheroes, and Black Adam 2 had only Black men and women.”

Asked about his business decision, Johnson said, “Black Adam is in the swirl with new leadership.” After the movie came out, DC Films recruited new directors like James Gunn and Peter Safran.

You have a public company and a culture with all these changes, people making creative and financial decisions and you may disagree with,” Johnson said, adding that the franchise is “going through a new network of leadership.”

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“This is going to be one of the biggest mysteries,” Johnson said, adding that although he is a “successful character”, he doesn’t understand why the character was removed. The biggest thing. Of course, it would have cost another $100 or $200 million if it wasn’t for China. You have a superhero and you want to expand the series. You bring back Superman and Henry Cavill and the whole world goes crazy about it.

We’ve created a diverse group of superheroes that are exclusively black man and woman.

But hey, you know what at the end of the day? It’s like a new owner comes along, buys an NFL team and says, ‘Well, it’s not my manager, it’s not my quarterback. No matter how many Super Bowls you win, no matter how many times we win, I’m going with someone else. “

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