‘One Piece’ Chapter 1090: Luffy’s Next Move? Spoilers, Delays, Release Date & More

'One Piece' Chapter 1090: Luffy's Next Move? Spoilers, Delays, Release Date & More

“One Piece” chapter 109o: As Gear 5’s enemies continue to ripple across the internet, the comic is engaged in one of the most important battles to date. In the story, both Luffy and Garp struggle to deal with their troubled pasts while dealing with the complexity of the present.

The latest development in the final scene leaves the reader wondering, showing that the Straw Hat Pirates are slowly regaining control. However, it looks like fans need to be patient while they wait for the next episode to air. Here, we dive into the details of “One Piece” Episode 1090’s timeline, plot, and possible spoilers.

‘One Piece’ chapter 1089 recap

The best moment of the previous episode was about an earthquake that caused a meter rise in the world’s oceans. York immediately reported this alarming development to the Marine fleet. Meanwhile, the pirate group grapples with rising sea levels, but the episode’s final panel reveals an intriguing surprise.

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reveals the incredible truth that the informant who gave this information to the Marine Corps was actually a Straw Hat Pirates agent. This unexpected development shows that the three heroes managed to fight the big five.

Later, Bonnie realizes they are in trouble for getting caught.

Chapter 1090 Spoilers

The next chapter will further deepen the mystery of the Captain’s sudden disappearance.

In addition, the fight against sea level rise will continue, which will lead to conflicts. However, fans should note that the original release was also delayed for two weeks as Eiichiro Oda announced that the next episode would arrive in two weeks.

The wait for the early preview and spoilers for Episode 1090 of “One Piece” is expected to last a week for fans hungry for new content. This section will be updated regularly as there are more spoilers.

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‘One Piece’ chapter 1090 Release date and where to read

The next section will be closed for two weeks. Therefore, the release date for the next episode of One Piece is August 21, 2023.

Readers can access all manga episodes on the official platforms Viz Media and MangaPlus. It is expected to appear in the TCB scan one week after the original scan.



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