‘Gadar 2’ Movie Review: Sunny Deol Delivers a Roaring Performance as Tara Singh

Sunny Deol Returns as the Fearless Tara Singh in Gadar 2 - Review

“Gadar 2”, releasing worldwide on August 11, 2023, is the sequel to the 2001 blockbuster “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha”, which starred Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel as a Sikh man and a Muslim woman who fall in love during the partition of India.

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The sequel, directed by Anil Sharma, follows their son Jeet (played by Utkarsh Sharma) as he tries to reunite his parents after a terrorist attack separates them.

Sunny Deol Returns as the Fearless Tara Singh in Gadar 2


The movie begins with a flashback to the first film’s events, where Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) rescues Sakina (Amisha Patel) from a mob and marries her. They have a son, Jeet, who grows up in Punjab. One day, Tara and Sakina decide to visit Pakistan to meet Sakina’s father, who is now the president of the country.

However, their plane is hijacked by a group of terrorists led by Irfan Khan (Arshad Warsi), who demand the release of their leader from an Indian prison. Tara fights back and lands the plane safely, but Irfan takes Sakina hostage. Tara vows to get her back at any cost.

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Sunny Deol reprises his role as the fearless and patriotic Tara Singh, who can take on hundreds of enemies with his bare hands. He delivers his trademark dialogues and action scenes with gusto, but also shows some emotional depth in his scenes with Amisha Patel.

Amisha Patel, who returns after a long hiatus, does justice to her role as the conflicted Sakina, who loves her husband but also misses her homeland. She shares a good chemistry with Sunny Deol and Utkarsh Sharma. Utkarsh Sharma, who makes his debut as Jeet, is impressive as the young and brave son of Tara and Sakina.

He has inherited his father’s courage and his mother’s compassion, and he proves his mettle in the climax. Arshad Warsi plays the villainous Irfan Khan with flair and menace. He is a worthy adversary for Sunny Deol and provides some comic relief as well.

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Anil Sharma, who directed the first film, returns to helm the sequel. He maintains the same patriotic spirit and masala entertainment quotient that made the original a hit. He also adds some contemporary elements, such as social media and cyber warfare, to make the story relevant to today’s audience. He handles the action sequences well, especially the plane hijack scene and the final showdown. However, he could have trimmed some songs and scenes that slow down the pace of the film. He could have also avoided some clichés and stereotypes that mar the otherwise engaging plot.


“Gadar 2” is a worthy sequel to “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha”. It offers a mix of romance, drama, action and patriotism that will appeal to fans of Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma. It is a film that celebrates the spirit of India and its people, who can overcome any obstacle with love and courage.

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