Sydney Sweeney opens up about ‘feeling beat up’ and online rumors

It was a hot Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles, but Sydney Sweeney measured the ice to keep it cool.

Sweeney, – 25-year-old star of Euphoria, reality, and contemporary photography – kneeling on the frozen surface, wearing nothing but a pale pink swimsuit and sandals; Despite being cold, she didn’t seem bothered at all. Today, her entourage, including her father Steven, is gathered around the monitor watching the master work.

Suddenly the show was over and she jumped to her feet screaming and giggling and trembling. Two weeks later (three weeks before the SAG-AFTRA strike) she remembered the moment in a New York tea shop.

“I like that they let us play,” she said.

Fortunately, so was Sweeney, one of the best players of her generation. On our set, the ’90s vintage magazine queen recreates the glory days of Cosmo cover girls; and graded the crime (and an Emmy for “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus”). award nomination); She created a stir at the Berlin International Film Festival with his 2023 film Reality and was later shown on HBO.

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In this case, the situation is less clear and tense, while the real-life NSA informant gets the truth. Each time he exceeded expectations, proving himself to be a professional character hunter and an aspiring actor.

Sydney on variety:

A few years ago, two faces of Sweeney – actress and woman – emerged.

Sweeney recently starred in the Marvel movie Mrs. Webb is under construction and a reboot of Barbarella is in development.

It’s already become an endless source of speculation, with rumors about her family’s politics and some rom-com stars.

“Sometimes I feel defeated,” Sweeney said wistfully. “It’s hard to sit back and not be able to stand up for yourself.” Chapter

Sweeney’s goal is to achieve independence by creating her own projects.

Her beautiful small role in the 2018 mini-series “Sharp Objects” gave her the opportunity to review the late director Jean-Marc Vallée. “I was there as best I could. I was like, ‘I want to do this.’ I don’t know how people will listen to me.”

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Sweeney’s plans were very strict; Words should be chosen carefully.

Adapted from director Tina Sutter’s stage play, the screenplay highlights Wenner’s exact words before his arrest.

She said, ‘I don’t need to play with other players a million times,'” Sutter said. “‘I will prepare, I will get my body.’ All possible.

Sweeney chooses her words carefully while speaking; she is a student of her own art. : Don’t respond to rumors and always look for links to projects. “I see my uncle talking about something and I said, ‘You should stop’.” “But that’s hard to say. I grew up in a small town and they never understood.

Like the truth, it’s all newspapers and news but no one knows the real story.

Taking control of your own destiny helps. In her first role as executive producer, Sweeney directed the upcoming “Anyon But You” movie called Like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, a nod to the romantic comedy 20 years ago, one of the blockbuster movies people enjoy watching. He said “early 2000s” That makes you happy.

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RK Films spent a year creating the special with writers Ilana Wolpert and Jeff Kirschenbaum, originally starring Glenn Powell (Glen Powell co-stars and Will Gluck (Easy A star) directing) “She never left the problem without even going to her trailer,” Gluck says.

She is very intelligent, learns quickly, and is not afraid to ask questions. Another superpower is that She doesn’t sleep.  “Only Two hours every night. “

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