Uncontrolled Canada Wildfire Destroys Homes Near Kelowna, BC

Uncontrolled Canada Wildfire Destroys Homes Near Kelowna, BC

Residents of Canada’s Northwest Territories gather on Friday afternoon to vacate their homes.

According to reports, a wildfire near Kelowna, Canada, British Columbia got out of control, many buildings were destroyed, and the government ordered a mass evacuation.

About 370 wildfires are burning in the Canadian province of British Columbia in western Canada, and dry lightning and strong winds are expected in the coming days as authorities prepare for further evacuations.

Evacuation has been ordered for the city of West Kelowna, which is threatened by another fire.

Residents of cities in Canada’s Northwest Territories are struggling to evacuate their homes until Friday, when 20,000 live, as one of hundreds of wildfires in the region is shut down.

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Thousands of people fled Thursday, traveling hundreds of miles to safety or waiting in long queues for emergency flights, as no impact was found during Canada’s worst bushfire season on record.

The Fire was less than 16 kilometers north of Yellowknife on Thursday, and officials fear that strong winds could push the fire in the same direction as the fire, which was blocked by a long journey.

Jennifer Young, director of corporate affairs for the Northwest Territories Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, said that 10 flights with 1,500 passengers left Yellowknife on Thursday, adding that they hope to make 22 flights with 1,800 passengers on Friday.

“I want to make sure the city is not in immediate danger and it’s safe for people at the window to leave the city by road and plane,”

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Regional Government Minister Shane Thompson said at the press conference

“If it doesn’t rain, the weekend (fire) could spread to the outskirts of the city.

Canada has seen a record number of wildfires causing smoke in parts of the United States this year, with more than 5,700 fires reported over 137,000 square kilometers (53,000 square miles) from one end of the country to the other.

Head over to Interagency Forest Fire Canada: Canada as of Thursday night, 1,046 wildfires were burning across the country, with more than half under control.

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