AP Dhillon’s Docuseries: Fans Praise Insightful Look into His Struggle

Twitter user and actor Ranveer Singh praised “AP Dhillon: The First of a Kind”, a new documentary airing on Prime Video India.

“AP Dhillon: The First of a kind” , a new movie about a Canadian Punjabi singer is now available on Prime Video India.

Many social media users shared their reactions to the series.

Twitter reactions

Most of the reactions were positive, with Twitter users praising the record of the singer’s struggle.

One Twitter user wrote: “AP Dhillon’s film shows his struggles and challenges to become the sensation he is today.

Homage to Amrit #APDHillonOnPrime.Another user tweeted, “This drama paints a beautiful picture of AP Dhillon’s transformation from Amrit to a global music icon.

Many questions answered. Must watch! #APDHillonOnPrime.A third user asked, “Isn’t that why I cried while watching AP Dhillon – First Mode?”

Another anonymous user with AP Dhillon wrote: “See the information that AP Dhillon knows nothing about these people.”

These guys speak quietly and slowly, and all of them enjoy chatting with new friends.Another user tweeted, “I’ve always wondered what was going through your mind and how your music was going.

This document does a great job of explaining it.Here it is good to see.

Ranveer Singh’s praise for the docuseries

“Actor Ranveer Singh joined the singer at Wednesday night’s Mumbai premiere of “AP Dhillon: first of a kind”, posting on Friday on Instagram Story.

The story also wrote a review of the movie: “We are all about the music, but the magic behind it has always been a hit for many people.

The new movie “AP Dhillon: First of its kind” explores the rise of the mysterious music phenomenon. You know AP… now, meet Amrit”.

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