Watch ‘Baahubali’ Amazing Usual Effects Making Video

If you have seen “Baahubali” directed by SS Rajamouli, you must have seen that from the first scene of the movie, it was quite clear that the entire movie was a 3 hour treat for the eyes.

Each and every scene, every frame of this 3 hour epic film, which is currently sitting on a total income of more than 600 crores globally, is a true testament to what visual effects in movies truly mean.

We are all aware of one simple fact that some of the most exciting scenic backgrounds in the entire film are generated on computers.

Baahubali war scene But a film like “Baahubali” truly gives testament to the advancements in the field of modern CGI graphics and vivid imagination of the people in charge of these computer graphics.

A recently launched Youtube video, uploaded by Makuta VFX, which is a graphics company based in Hyderabad, defines the way by which some of our favorite scenes from “Baahubali” were designed for the silver screen.

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Watch video:

The scenes were shot to fit the computer programs, and then finally edited to impress the audience in movie theaters.

In the video, we can see a broken down form of all the scenes that were computer generated, especially the first scene, where a baby was carried by Ramya Krishnan in her palm while she was in a river with heavy current.

Baahubali vfx

Some of the following scenes mainly included the song that featured Prabhas and Tammanah, while Prabhas climbs up a steep mountain and goes across an impressive waterfall to get to Tammana

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