Want Faster Wi-Fi in Your House? Follow These 5 Tips

Want Faster Wi-Fi in Your House? Follow These 5 Tips
Want Faster Wi-Fi in Your House? Follow These 5 Tips

Nowadays, The Internet has become part and parcel of everyone’s lives. We struggle every day to get faster WiFi speed in our houses and offices to use the Internet without buffering conveniently.

Folks have made this helpful video over at Vox, which gives you five tips to make your WiFi faster in your house.

In this video, Vox has mentioned that the WiFi waves are radio waves with shorter wavelengths as small as 12cm.

The signal can go 150 feet farther from the router and gets weaker as you go away from it. 

Five tips to speedup wi-fi mentioned in the video are given below:

1) It would help if you kept your router in the central open place of your house for best signals because these signals are broadcasted in all directions and are obstructed by walls or metal surfaces.

2) Don’t place your router on the floor and keep it on some table.

Electronics like TVs, microwaves, and the computer should not be placed near the router as they interfere with the signal.

3) If your router has two antennas, place one horizontal and the other vertical.

4) You can use different apps to measure your signal strength. If you find any problem, then fix it.

5) Keep cleaning the WiFi equipment like a router, wires, and other types of equipment for dust. The dust may get into the critical parts and slow the signals.



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