G20 Summit 2023: Here’s how much India spent

G20 Summit 2023: Here's how much India spent

G20 India Summit 2023: All eyes are now on the country’s capital, where extensive preparations are being made for the meeting.

Figures are divided into 12 categories for informational purposes.

India assumed the group’s presidency last December, and the final session will be held on 9 September.

Since The start of the presidency, India has held conferences to discuss issues in areas such as health, tourism, and sanitation. Finance.

National events are held in many cities. The country is expected to spend large sums of money on the grand meeting in Delhi and various events involving the G20 chief.

According to the 2023-24 budget, the government has allocated Rupees 9.9 billion to the president for the G20.

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During the budget, the finance minister said the President allows India to strengthen its role in the world economy.

According to the report, money goes to roads, security, sidewalks and lighting, etc.. Many statues have also been placed in various parts of the country’s capital as part of the transformation process.

No other charges related to the Delhi incident have been reported. More than Rs 4,100 crore was spent on capital repairs for the one-day event to host the G20 summit starting Saturday, according to government documents linked to the two events.

According to the data, the costs are divided into approximately 12 groups. One of the most important elements of G20 planning is safety, maintenance of roads, pavements, road signs, and lighting is one of the most important reference lists and sources are indicated.

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From private sector organizations such as NDMC and MCD to projects at the Ministry of Defense, nine government agencies have spent around Rs 75 lakh and more than Rs 3,500 crore on activities such as horticultural development and G20 branding.

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