PM Modi & Saudi Crown Prince: First Strategic Meeting on Energy & Defence

PM Modi & Saudi Crown Prince: First Strategic Meeting on Energy & Defence

Saudi Crown Prince in India: Prime Minister Modi said that the trade route will connect India and Saudi Arabia and contribute to the development of Asia and Europe.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Saudi Arabia is one of India’s most important business partners after his bilateral meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud in New Delhi on Monday.

The two leaders also signed the memorandum of understanding at the first meeting of the India-Saudi Strategic Partnership Council held at Hyderabad House.

“As two rapidly growing countries with two of the world’s largest economies, our cooperation is vital for the peace and stability of the entire region.

Today’s talks will give our relationship new strength and direction, strengthening our partnership for the common good,” Modi said.

He spoke to the media regarding India, West Asia, and Europe; Modi said, “Yesterday we decided to create an economic history…

This approach will connect the two countries and contribute to economic growth and digital connectivity between Asia, West Asia, and Europe. Under your leadership and Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has achieved great economic success…”

Saudi Crown Prince on State Visit to India

The Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, who came to New Delhi for a three-day official visit to India, will attend the G20 meeting.

Modi and the Crown Prince reviewed the progress made by India’s two Prime Ministers and the Joint Committee of Council of Ministers, Committee on Security, Cooperation and Cooperation, and Trade and Industry.

Modi and the Saudi Arabian leader also discussed various aspects of bilateral relations, including politics, security, defense, trade, commerce, culture, and human relations.

The two leaders will also discuss issues of regional and international interest.High-ranking officials, including ministers and senior officials accompanied the Saudi Prince.

Before the meeting, Mohammed bin Salman had a reception with Modi at the Presidential Palace.

The prince then reviewed the common defense of the honor army. Making a short statement, Mohammed bin Salman congratulated India for its successful G20 presidency.

In an interview with journalists, he said, “India has done a good job and announced many things that will benefit our country, G20 countries and the world.

So I want to say this to India, congratulations.” We will work hard to create a future for both countries.

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