Sai Pallavi slams fake wedding photo: ‘This is pure malice’

Sai Pallavi finally broke her silence and posted photos of her ‘secret wedding’, which have been trending on the internet for over a day.

The actor clarified that this photo was from the mahurat pooja of her new film and was deliberately cropped and misused for absolutely “vile” reasons.

Sai’s clarification

Quickly write an appropriate response to the rumors on Friday on X (formerly Twitter). She explained: “Honestly, I don’t care about rumors, but when it comes to family and friends, I have to say it openly. A photo of my movie Puja Ceremony was deliberately cropped and filtered by paid bots and Hate.

When I have a happy announcement to share about my work, the work It is very frustrating to have to explain everything from his behavior. It’s so bad it’s disturbing! “

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The rumours

Rumors started swirling when a photo surfaced online where Sai could be seen in a traditional avatar with a white kurta and golden brown dupatta.

Standing beside her was a man wearing red shirt and blue trousers. They are both wearing red dresses and smiling at the camera.

But according to some later reports and now a statement from Sai herself, the picture was actually cut in Chennai by the mahurat pooja of his upcoming film.

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The man standing next to her is the director of the film, Rajkumar Periyasamy, who is still applauding the film from the first movie, “mahurat,”.

In other event photos, they can be seen standing next to SK21 star Sivakarthikeyan and veteran actor Kamal Haasan, who will likely be guests at the mahurat ceremony.

SK21 is set against a war backdrop, and a schedule of the film has already been completed in Kashmir.
Sai Pallavi is known for her work across the Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu film industries. She was last seen in the critically acclaimed film Gargi last year.
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