Salman Khan On The New 1000 Crore Benchmark

Salman Khan On The New 1000 Crore Benchmark

Salman Khan, the bhai of Bollywood, is known for being straightforward and honest with what he says online. He’s a guy who is not shy to make statements and speak on what is on his mind. The megastar of Bollywood has recently talked about the issue of box office numbers and on the changing idea of box office success. During the trailer launch event for an upcoming Punjabi film, which features Gippy Grewal as the lead actor, Salman Khan shared his views on the changing picture of the film industry. He asserted that the era of celebrating films that enter the ‘Rs 100 crore club’ has become a thing of the past. It is not big anymore. Instead, he focused on the new benchmark for successful movies, which should now be set at a staggering ‘Rs 1,000 crore.

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₹100 crore has become the bare minimum, according to Salman

‘In his remarks, Salman Khan said that achieving the ₹100 crore mark will soon be considered the minimum for success. He suggested the new norm would be box office figures ranging from ₹400 to ₹1,000 crore and more. He highlighted how this trend has moved beyond the Hindi film industry towards other industries like Punjabi and Marathi cinema. It is noteworthy to know that Salman Khan has one of the highest number of hits to his credit, and all of his movies have grossed over 100 crore in the last decade.

Salman talked about his own movies

It’s clear that Salman Khan sees a big shift in audience, their taste and expectations, and the scale of success in the film industry. During this launch event, Salman Khan didn’t shy away from talking on his own recent movies at the box office. When Gippy Grewal expressed his hopes for his movie on Salman’s optimistic outlook, the superstar playfully said that it is better to put faith in the film as his own recent projects haven’t been working well. This self-deprecating humor showcased Salman’s ability to take success and failure in his professional life. This personality of him makes him more lovable to his fans. Salman Khan is busy working on the third installment of his immensely popular ‘Tiger’ franchise. The movie is the next installment in YRF’s Spy Universe and will have a cameo from SRK as Pathaan.