Watch: Karmita Kaur’s Leaked Private MMS Video Goes Viral

Watch: Social Media Influencer Karmita Kaur's Leaked Private MMS Video Goes Viral

After the Kulhad Pizza couple issue had subsided, a purported intimate video of another Internet star suddenly surfaced online. Well, Karmita Kaur is the subject at hand.

The aforementioned MMS video shows a woman who remarkably resembles Karmita in an inappropriate setting, sparking a considerable uproar.

Watch: Social Media Influencer Karmita Kaur's Leaked Private MMS Video Goes Viral

Viral Video Of Karmita Kaur

The purported 2-minute video was quickly shared on various social networking sites and messaging services. It made its way onto Twitter, YouTube, Telegram channels, and even adult-oriented websites.

The video’s graphic material and spectacular captions were major factors in its viral success. Karmita Kaur vehemently denied any participation in the spread MMS video and labeled it false after the video went viral.

In response to the claims, she took to social media and pleaded with those who followed her not to participate in the propagation of false information.

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Karmita also expressed her gratitude for her assistance and made it clear that she intended to file a lawsuit against the perpetrators for disseminating the false film.

To get justice and protect her reputation, she reported to the police the unnamed people she believed responsible for the purported distribution of the phony video. Karmita Kaur, a social media influencer with over a million Instagram followers, is currently going through a difficult time due to the ongoing scandal.

We pray that she will summon the courage to defend their privacy and dignity.

YouTuber Karan Dutta Supported Karmita Kaur

Amidst this, Punjabi YouTuber Karan Dutta defended Karmita Kaur and referred to the video as phony in a later video. He criticized internet users for sharing the phony clip and called it AI-generated.

However, Karan Dutta is the same Vlogger whom Sehaj and Gurpreet, owners of Kulhad Pizza, accused of distributing their MMS online. He disputed the claims and pressed Sehaj to back them up.

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