Humans Came To America More Than 20,000 years ago – New Study

Humans Came To America More Than 20,000 years ago - New Study

Humans have been travelers for thousands of years; they have traveled to various parts of the world and have settled in different areas as we know them today. America is an area that has been constantly considered as the “New World” when it was discovered. Still, recent studies have shown us that humans knew about the existence of this area much before the Christopher Columbus expedition.

Humans Came to America 15,000 years ago, according to the older research

New research has revealed that the traditional idea that humans came to America from Russia 15,000 years ago might not be true. Researchers and archeologists, after carefully examining the human footprints discovered in New Mexico, researchers and archeologists have stated that humans had reached America much earlier than this 15,000-time frame. According to them, humans reached America around 21,000 to 23,000 years ago. These footprints were found on the outskirts of the lake bed within the White Sam’s National Park Area.

Newer research puts the time frame to over 20,000 years

This new research has been fascinating and challenges the idea that humans migrated from Russia through the Bering land bridge into Alaska 15,000 years ago. This age of footprints was first given to a scientific journal in 2021. For this, the scientists have analyzed the 75,000 grains of pollen extracted from the layer where the footprints were found. This examination of them has given scientists the case for the early arrival of humans in America. This research will serve as a way to help us understand human migration and how it shaped America and the world.