Watch: Palestinian Militants Parade Israeli Women Soldier Naked, Video Goes Viral

Watch: Palestinian Militants Parade Israeli Women Soldier Naked, Video Goes Viral

A video surfaced on social media showed a naked Israeli soldier being attacked by Hamas members. In the footage, ideally, two Hamas men can be seen clutching the woman with her hands bound while she lies face down on a car, one supporting her with his feet. Social media users are furiously criticizing the pro-Palestine Hamas organization due to the video.

Horrific Videos Of Hamas Attack

Only one of the horrific videos that have surfaced since the Hamas attack on Israel shows the naked soldier being attacked. A furious mob can be seen trampling on an Israeli soldier’s lifeless body while yelling God is Great in another footage purported to have come from Gaza.

A different video showed Palestinian insurgents transporting an Israeli soldier in a motorcycle while he was still alive. None of these clips have had their veracity verified. Another video shows Palestinian insurgents circling an Israeli tank while dancing.

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Palestinian Militants And Hamas Military Joined Hands

On Saturday, Palestinian insurgents in the Gaza Strip attacked southern Israel as Hamas declared the start of a new offensive called Offensive Al Aqsa Storm. Chief of the Hamas military wing, Mohammed Deif urged Palestinians to take up arms against Israel in a taped message.

The Israeli military has advised locals to remain indoors after confirming that an incursion took place in numerous areas close to the Gaza border. The military declares the condition of war alert. The Hamas terrorist group has started launching many missiles into Israeli land in the last hour, and terrorists have penetrated Israeli territory in numerous different places.

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