‘One Piece Ch.1098’ Spoilers: Ginny’s Fate, Kuma’s Past, Bonney’s Origins & More Leaks

'One Piece Ch.1098' Spoilers: Ginny's Fate, Kuma's Past, Bonney's Origins & More Leaks

The long-running and famous manga “One Piece’s Chapter 1098” will be released on Sunday, November 12. With the release date getting closer and speculations about what could transpire in the coming chapters, many leaks and spoilers have emerged recently.

In the previous chapter, Kuma’s life in the Sorbet Kingdom was explored and how he ended up crossing paths with Dragon and Ivankov. The leaks for the next chapter highlight his tragic past and how he raised Ginny’s child, according to ComicSoon.

Kuma and Ginny’s tragic past

In “One Piece Chapter 1098”, it is revealed that Ginny was kidnapped by a Celestial Dragon. What’s worse is the fact that she was forced into becoming his wife for two years.

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Though Ginny was later released, it was not because he showed her any mercy but because she had contracted a fatal illness.

Once the Celestial Dragon learned of her disease, he abandoned Ginny and her child, who sadly suffered from the same illness.

Ginny dies, Kuma raises Bonney

During the two years that she was enslaved, Ginny was unable to contact Kuma, however, she was somehow able to catch up with him just before dying.

After she contacted Kuma he set on the journey to meet her but by the time he reached, it was too late. At that point, Ginny was already at the death’s door. Kuma swore to protect Ginny’s baby, who is revealed to be none other than Bonney.

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A loving Kuma decided to raise Bonney as his own. Another major leak here is Bonney’s age. “Chapter 1098” reveals that Bonney, who is the child of a World Noble, is only 12 years old.

Bonney in harm’s way

Now that it is revealed Bonney is just a child and Kuma shares no biological bond with her, there can be more repercussions considering her origins.

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Other spoilers for “Chapter 1098” suggest that Bonney could be in harm’s way. As their bond grew and Kuma turned into a father figure for Bonney, the glimmer of happiness quickly turned into darkness.

The previous notorious king of the Sorbet Kingdom returns at the end of the chapter. This could only mean one thing- more chaos.

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