Kulhad Pizza Couple’s Leaked Video: Sehaj Arora Reposts, ‘Those Girls Recovered My Snapchat’

Punjab's 'Kulhad Pizza' Couple leaked video

Amidst the continuing legal inquiry, the video leak involving the well-known Kulhad Pizza Couple in Jalandhar has subsided. On the other hand, a lot of questions surround the Kulhad Pizz couple film that was leaked.

This includes the online breach of the Kulhad Pizza couple. In a recent podcast, Sehaj Arora discussed the insider information around the Kulhad Pizza couple’s leaked video incident.

Sehaj Arora further acknowledged that he filmed the footage before they were well-known and that the video is real. Sehaj Arora also described how a private video of a Kulhad Pizza couple was leaked online.

How Was The Kulhad Pizza Couple’s Video Stolen?

According to Sehaj Arora, “I had taken that phone and gone.” For the Paytm Business App, the phone was left on the counter. I used to be so busy after we became renowned that I had no idea that such things were in my previous phone. I had no idea that a phone could have this quality of video.”

The video became widely popular on September 19th or 20th. Out of sympathy, my wife recruited the girl from Nepal. We recruited the Nepalese girl because she had told us that her father had beaten her and that she was having financial difficulties. Regarding the other girl, we had no reason to suspect her.

“As time went on, the girl’s actions shifted. She got into a fight with the patrons. My sister let her go because things became too toxic there. A girl used to come in at half-time before the 10th (date). She may have recovered the data from the phone left on the counter, but I’m not sure when. The blackmailer then demanded money on the Instagram page of my wife’s tattoo parlor after the footage was posted there.”

After this, Sehaj Arora released a statement claiming that the video that was becoming viral was entirely phony and was created by blackmailers using AI technology. The following day, Jalandhar Police detained Soniya, a 23-year-old woman who was identified as their former worker who had been let go during the first week of September.

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