Seunghan Video Viral: ‘Because Of The Mental Strain Seunghan Of RIIZE Suspends K-pop Activities

Seunghan Video Viral: ‘Because Of The Mental Strain Seunghan Of RIIZE Suspends K-pop Activities

Seunghan of RIIZE has put a temporary stop to his K-pop endeavors due to the contentious circumstances. SM Entertainment announced on November 22 regarding a member’s activities being suspended. The private videos of Seunghan smoking cigarettes and conversing with other K-pop idols on the internet were the reason behind this decision. The declaration further stated that legal action would be taken against individuals who leaked the material and disseminated false and misleading information.

SM Entertainment Has Announced Seunghan’s Brief Absence

Seunghan has a history of controversy, but when he got into a video chat argument with TXT member Soobin and three other individuals regarding LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae, things got rather ugly. His childhood neighborhoods in Japan were shown in an old video of him smoking cigarettes, which went viral on social media and infuriated the already hostile internet community.

But SM Entertainment made it plain that if it is discovered that someone has leaked, disseminated, or otherwise published false and deceptive information on the RIIZE member online, they will pursue legal action.”However, the currently making the rounds and being leaked films and pictures were taken in private during the pre-debut training phase. Misconceptions have arisen from deliberate secondary editing, which has been repeatedly modified, including the usage of movies with identified sources to make screenshots.”

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Seunghan Of RIIZE Apologized In A Post For His Careless Behavior

After the agency’s official update, Seunghan also issued a social media public apology. “Hi, my name is Seunghan. I genuinely regret the hurtful things I did in the past. I want to apologize to the fans and RIIZE members who have supported me as I ponder on who I am. I accept that harm was done during a critical period, and I’m determined to improve myself by introspection. I apologize once more.

Reported By: Hindustan Times

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