Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Leaked Video: Fans Swooning Over Couple Having Dinner Date

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Leaked Video: Fans Swooning Over Couple Having Dinner Date

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have once again surpassed themselves, just when you thought they had achieved their pinnacle couple ambitions. Fans are going crazy about a cute moment Taylor and Travis shared during their date, which happened a few days after the two were spotted out to dinner in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Scott Swift, the musician’s father, joined Taylor and Travis on their lovely date in Buenos Aires. They had dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel’s elegant Elena restaurant.

Taylor Swift Is The Only Person Travis Kelce Claims To Have “Never Dated”

Following his initial attempt to win Swift over at her Kansas City show this summer by offering her a friendship bracelet, Kelce, 34, told WSJ Magazine that he had “someone playing Cupid.” On the matchmaker’s identity, though, he was evasive, reported Yahoo News.

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“She told me exactly what was going on and how I got lucky enough to get her to reach out,” he recounted from Swift’s phone message.

Kelce disclosed that some of them were members of the Swift family, even if he refrained from telling the publication who had set them up.

Regarding their first date, Kelce remained silent during the interview, although he did talk about how he managed his anxiety before the big night.

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