‘Aadikeshava’ Telugu Movie Review and Public Response: Film gets mixed reviews

'Aadikeshava' Telugu Movie Review and Public Response: Film gets mixed reviews

Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela’s “Aadikeshava”, directed by Srikanth N Reddy, hit screens this Friday, and here’s how netizens reacted.

Srikanth N Reddy’s Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela starrer “Aadikeshav” received mixed reviews from the audience, if their reaction on X is anything to go by. The masala film tells the story of a wayward youth called Bala who can’t stand injustice regarding children or women. The genre marks a first in Vaisshnav’s career, given that he has only acted in films that have veered away from the norm so far.

The reactions

Unimpressed with the film’s storyline, one Twitter user wrote, “Outdated storyline, silly performance, mediocre action scene & failed in all departments.” Another person wondered how anyone on the team accepted the script, writing, “I don’t know how everyone in the team accepted such a dud story which would’ve worked in the early 2000s.”

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However, some audience members seemed impressed with Vaisshnav Tej’s intro scene, the interval twist and climax. “Excellent entry recent time lo the best experience worthy for sure,” wrote one user on X, while another wrote, “#”Aadikeshava” manchi cinema interval twist aythe assalu expect cheyaledu anta bagundi. (I did not expect the interval twist at all.)”

One person thought the film was good overall. They said, “#”Aadikeshava” super cinema content undi characterisation bagundi climax scenes aythe vere kevel lo unnayi #”Aadikeshava” Review. (“Adikeshava” has good characterisations and content. The climax however is on a whole different level.”

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‘Aadikeshava’ story

Bala (Vaisshnav Tej) is a wayward youth who cannot stand injustice and stands up for those in need. He applies for a job upon his parents’ advice and lands it. Chithravathi (Sreeleela) is his boss and they both fall for one another. Her father, however, doesn’t approve and Balu soon learns a heartbreaking truth about his parents. Bala also learns the truth about Maha Kaleshwara Rao (Joju George), which turns his life upside down. The film also touches upon the topic of mica mining.

Vaisshnav and Sreeleela’s upcoming projects

While Vaisshnav is yet to say yes to any projects after “Aadikeshava”, Sreeleela has her hands full with multiple films. Some of her films include Guntur Kaaram with Mahesh Babu, Ustaad Bhagat Singh with Pawan Kalyan and Extra Ordinary Man with Nithiin.

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