Jang Nara Will Take Revenge In Upcoming Drama With Son Ho Jun

K-drama fans are in awe after watching the latest poster of  “My Happy End” k-drama featuring everyone’s favorite Jang Nara. This new K-drama revolves around a young woman, Seo Jae Won (Jang Nara), who is obsessed with success. She had a terrible childhood which made her thirsty for success to escape her life situations.

Actor Son Ho Jun will play Heo Soon Young who is Seo Jae Won’s husband. Even he gets trapped in his wife’s desires. This couple had already been seen together in the drama  “Go Back Couple” in 2017 and their chemistry was well received. It will be worth watching how they will perform as each other’s spouses.

The Poster Release Of “My Happy End” 

In the first poster is Seo Jae Won, a blogger and self-made CEO of “Drev” who has one million followers. She stares so intensely that her single-mindedness can be seen. 

The text in the quote above means Seo Jae Won wants revenge as opposed to her suppressed smile. The second poster shows Seo Jae Won lying on a bed and looking away while having visible eyes.

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What is interesting about Seo Jae Won’s attire (in black) and the white sheets on the bed? In addition, “I can’t trust anyone anymore” signifies Dejection and Frustration by Seo Jae Won.

“My Happy End” Cast 

“My Happy End,” an upcoming South Korean television series features numerous celebrities as its cast. In this series, Jang Na-ra portrays Seo Jae-won, a woman who no longer believes in love after being heartbroken several times. However, everything changes when she meets Heo Soon-young (Son Ho-jun), a man who is unwavering in his quest to win her heart.

In the drama So Yi hyun portrays Kwon Yoo jin, an accomplished businesswoman who harbors a tragic history. Meanwhile Lee Ki taek takes on the role of Yoon Tae oh, an alluring individual who captures the interest of Seo Jae won.

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