Watch: Marines Fighting In Austin Video Goes Viral, Bar Brawl Film Provokes Intense Emotions Online

Watch: Marines Fighting In Austin Video Goes Viral, Bar Brawl Film Provokes Intense Emotions Online

On Sunday, November 19, a video depicting a chaotic altercation between civilians and U.S. Marines went popular on X. It happened in Austin, Texas, at a club named Voodoo Room.

During a verbal altercation on Sixth Street, a young woman was seen on camera snatching a phone from one of the Marines and throwing it to the ground. Then, while those nearby attempted to stop him, a man wearing a white sweatshirt was spotted lunging at a Marine.

What Was The Scenario?

But then things got physical, with the man punching one of the uniformed men a couple times, setting off a physical brawl between the two of them. They split off into smaller groups after that and got into fights. A Marine was squarely struck in the jaw by one of the civilians, forcing him to be pushed to the ground while two of the Marines continued to strike him in retribution.

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Just moments later, as they attempted to separate the brawlers, Austin Police officers and Texas Department of Public Safety representatives in cowboy hats interfered. Lying face down, one of the people looked like he was about to be arrested. We still don’t know the precise cause of the chaos.

But the dramatic unfolding of the scenario as it was caught on camera quickly became viral online. On Collin Rugg’s post about the same, a user from X said that the civilians picked the wrong people to pick a fight with.

As fighting breaks out between US Marines and civilians, the internet reacts. What transpired after Texas authorities appeared to handcuff at least one of the people and interfered is unknown. Netizens, however, believe that it was not the best idea for the young boys to fight the uniformed U.S. Marines in public because it might have resulted in major infraction and they might have been charged.

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