Watch: Girl Belly Dancing In A Moving Train; Internet Demanding An End To The Viral Video

Watch: Girl Belly Dancing In A Moving Train; Internet Demanding An End To The Viral Video

Trains have developed into fascinating hubs rather than merely a means of transportation. From altercations and runway presentations to—wait for it—unplanned dancing performances!

When this strange trend picks up steam, the quantity of content—even at the price of comfort—becomes evident. A recent video that has surfaced online shows a woman performing a dance routine similar to a pole or belly dance as the train moves, adding to this spectacle.

Dancing On Bollywood Songs

Wearing a black crop top and trousers, she dances to the tunes of “Baby Marvake Maanegi” as she moves across the aisle and even climbs atop seats.

The video has prompted many amusing responses, with travelers struggling to balance their hopes for a quiet ride with this unplanned, unnecessary performance art.

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One person bemoaned, “You know what I dread that I don’t find such YouTubers when I travel by train,” in the deluge of comments. Another said, “Vulgarity at its peak,” very concisely.

This occurrence is part of an increasing trend of unusual train performances; it is not an isolated incidence. Renowned dancer Jaya Jerry received criticism for a video she posted to Instagram featuring her and a buddy dancing wildly to the hit Bhojpuri song “Saj Ke Sawar Ke.” Many criticized Jaya for upsetting other travelers as they danced amid dozing off people in the aisle seats.

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