Hwang Ui-jo Wrongdoing: A Woman Claims That Hwang Ui-jo’s Sex Films Were Recorded Against Her Will

Hwang Ui-jo Wrongdoing: A Woman Claims That Hwang Ui-jo's Sex Films Were Recorded Against Her Will

In contrast to Hwang Ui-jo’s assertion that she gave him permission, a lady who was in secretly recorded films of her sex with the football player stated Hwang took the videos without her permission.

What The Victim Says?

The woman’s lawyer released a statement on Tuesday, saying, “The victim dated Hwang for a while in the past, but she did not consent to filming such videos and asked him to delete it.” “The victim could not report the incident or blame Hwang as she was afraid of [the video] being leaked.”

The situation started with a June Instagram post made by an anonymous individual claiming to be Hwang’s former boyfriend. The individual even uploaded a video of a nude man said to be Hwang.

In addition, she charged Hwang with having simultaneous sexual connections with other women and recording intimate moments without getting permission. Later that month, Hwang filed a defamation and blackmail lawsuit against the poster, but he rejected the accusations.

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On Thursday, the person was taken into custody on allegations of blackmail and disclosing the video. After reviewing the leaked video, the Seoul police department called Hwang in for interrogation because they thought he had recorded the tapes without permission.

Hwang showed up for his police appearance on Saturday. Hwang left for China on Sunday in preparation for the World Cup qualifier between China and the Korean national team on Tuesday. Following Tuesday’s game, he is scheduled to return to the United Kingdom and rejoin his squad, Norwich City.

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