Chick-fil-A Restaurants Giving Free Food if You Put Your Phone Down


Now, instead of a VR headset, get some good life lesson from fast-food boxes too. This life-lesson would definitely make you take a road-trip to the South.

A restaurant named Chick-fil-A in Georgia has created a very good challenge for its customers. This is a family challenge in which customers are required to place their cell phones in a white box named as ‘Cell phone coop’.

The ones who drop their cellphones there are entitled to a free ice-cream by the restaurant.

This Cell Phone Coop Challenge is a good option for customers looking for some free desert. Known for its chicken sandwiches, this fast-food chain has launched this challenge and invites all families who can silently place their cell phones inside the box placed near each table for their entire meals.


An operator of Chick-fil-A in Georgia, Brad Williams stated that they want their restaurant to provide a sense of community to their customers so that friends and families can come together and share some quality time together.

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However, he states that technology is becoming the biggest barriers in our lives and demands more time of people. It proves to be the most significant distraction even while having meals.

The availability of this initiative is seen in over 150 locations, say Williams. Even in the past, free food has been offered by Chick-fil-A in quirky ways. Last time, in summer, customers were offered free food if they dressed as a cow

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