Crypto Community Lauds Hoskinson’s Absence from ‘Most Influential’ List

Crypto Community Lauds Hoskinson's Absence from 'Most Influential' List

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has been conspicuously absent from CoinDesk’s recently released list of the “Most Influential People in Crypto.” This omission has sparked a wave of sarcastic comments from the crypto community, who are eager to point out that Hoskinson might actually be better off without the recognition.

One Crypto YouTuber, Lex Blazer, suggested that Hoskinson might be secretly relieved to have been left off the list, as it could spare him from the scrutiny and criticism that often comes with being labeled as “influential.” Blazer also questioned the legitimacy of CoinDesk’s list, hinting at a possible bias against Cardano.

Other crypto community members weighed in, suggesting that Hoskinson might be deliberately ignoring Vitalik Buterin’s achievements to maintain his own ego. Some even went so far as to claim that Buterin is the “GOAT” of crypto, a title that Hoskinson clearly believes he deserves.

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The ongoing rivalry between Hoskinson and the Ethereum community, which stems from Hoskinson’s departure from the Ethereum project years ago, only adds to the drama. It seems that no matter what Hoskinson does, he can’t seem to escape the shadow of his former colleagues.

So, while Hoskinson might not have made CoinDesk’s list of “Most Influential People in Crypto,” he can rest assured that he is still top of mind for the crypto community, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons.

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