Power Your Devices Anywhere with Briefcase Solar Panels

Briefcase solar panels are the next evolution in the renewable energy world. High-powered and portable, this energy source is in demand and reliable.

Renewable energy has evolved. Stationary solar panels, which require experts to install and can’t be moved around, are no longer the standard. This new wave of renewable energy is mobile and convenient.

They are briefcase solar panels. You can set up and pack up this type of solar panel in minutes, take it anywhere you go – even the deep woods- and carry it with one hand.

This post will analyze briefcase solar panels, their uses, and some affordable deals that can help you own your own portable energy source.

Versatility of Briefcase Solar Panels

If you’ve ever gone camping before, you’ll know that keeping your phone usable is a job in its own right. 

To charge it, you’ve got two options. 

  • You could repeatedly trek from your campsite to your car, turn on your car, waste gas, and then wait for your phone to get a few percent of battery back. 
  • Alternatively, you could take a battery pack with you but then you’d have to remember to charge that, pack it, and then hope it still has power when you get to the campsite.

Either way, you aren’t going to have a fun time. However, this is where briefcase solar panels come in. A briefcase solar panel is a compact and foldable solar panel that is designed to be portable and convenient.

Some briefcase solar panels, such as the Rich Solar Mega 100W Briefcase, come with built-in straps that can be used to carry the entire panel with one hand. Provided that you’ve folded it into place beforehand. This is actually where they get their name from.

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Once they are completely folded and with their strap exposed, they do resemble a briefcase, being comparable even in size.

Portability & Easy Setup

Just by setting up your briefcase solar panel at your campsite, you’ve now got a charging stage that doesn’t need to be recharged. Portable solar panels like the Nature Power 40W Briefcase

have built-in USB ports that you can use to easily plug in and charge your phones. 

Any device that can be charged via a USB cable can be powered by this portable solar panel. You can go further into the woods, explore the wilds like never before, and not have to worry about keeping your electronic devices charged thanks to this kind of solar panel.

Even when not camping or hiking, a portable solar panel can be set up anywhere. Including the park or even the beach. The main point is that you now have a renewable energy source that can be used to power your devices. An energy source that never runs out of power.

Set Up in Minutes

Even the best technicians are going to need a minimum of six hours to set up solar panels on your home or camper. However, a portable solar panel can be unfolded and set up in a matter of minutes. With larger and more complex portable solar panels only requiring 15 minutes maximum to unfold and use.

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Even if you are on uneven terrain, solar panels like the Zendure 200SP 18V 200W Foldable Solar Panel have a strong and stable kickstand that is self-supportable and can be adjusted. There would be no need for precariously setup supports using whatever you can find.

Of course, the same can be said for packing up. Folding up your portable solar panel and taking it with you should only take you a few minutes tops. The solar panels that have been mentioned thus far all feature some kind of handle or strap, which makes them a breeze to haul around. 

Mobile Renewable Energy in More Ways Than One

The problem with solar panels is that they can’t be moved around. Once they are set in place then you better hope that the sun just happens to hit that specific spot for extended periods of time. Otherwise, you’d need a large number of solar panels just to get any reasonable amount of power.

Once again, briefcase solar panels remedy this issue by being lightweight and easy to move around. Even after you’ve set one up, you can still angle it or change its location entirely to ensure that it catches as much sunlight as possible. 

The sun isn’t stationary so why should your solar panels be? By catching the sun at its strongest regardless of its position, you are ensuring that your devices receive a strong and full-power charge. Any other device hooked up to your solar panel will also benefit from a stronger current.

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A briefcase solar panel is a renewable energy source that is unrestrained in every way. In addition to that, when you pair a high-powered solar panel with a solar generator, like with the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Solar Generator + 220w Portable Solar Panel you get unlimited energy that you can count on wherever you go.

Briefcase Solar Panel Experts

Briefcase solar panels offer you a lot. They are a portable and easy-to-carry, set up-and-use energy source that won’t give you a headache. They are the newest innovation in renewable energy and they are designed to be convenient and reliable.

The experts at Solar Paradise can help you choose the right briefcase solar panel for your energy needs. They can quickly assess your situation and recommend a quality product. You can also browse their premium solar panel collection for different kinds of solar panels, not just portable ones.

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