Watch: Naga Chaitanya And Prachi Desai Hot Kissing Scene Video From ‘Dhootha’ Goes Viral

naga chaitanya and Prachi desai hot kiss

Prachi Desai starred in the Telugu-language series “Dhootha” on Amazon Prime Video released on December 1, 2023. After more than a decade in the film industry, actor Naga Chaitanya makes his streaming debut with the show. Prachi recently talked about her experience working with Naga Chaitanya and reading lines in a language she doesn’t speak.

Prachi plays the role of Naga Chaitanya’s colleague in the thriller. She becomes pregnant after a sexual encounter with Naga which plays an important role in the series.

Naga Chaitanya And Prachi Desai Hot Kissing Scene From 'Dhoota' Goes Viral

On-Screen Sizzling Chemistry

Prachi Desai remarks, “I don’t really know how much to say about Chay because he has been a wonderful co-star, immensely patient, and just so nice to be around,” when discussing her beloved co-star Chay. I think he seems to be the most modest celebrity I have ever met.

They experienced a scorching, searing moment on screen while their kiss was on fire. Prachi is very aware of the disparity in the performers’ Telugu language skills, which is readily obvious.

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However, she claims that Chay made a special effort to ensure that she felt at ease with the language barrier on set. “It comes naturally to him because it’s his mother tongue,” she explains. It feels so comfortable, almost like we’re making Hindi movies.

It reminded him of one of those sets, except that now there was someone in front of him who didn’t speak the language. Let me give you an example of his personality. I asked him once, “Just before the dialogue, will you remind me what this particular paragraph means,” as I knew he didn’t comprehend the English. You’re filming those major moments all at once.

“You can’t understand the meaning of the scene if you can’t understand the language. As an actor, I truly enjoy listening to everything so that I can react and process it all, allowing me to play naturally. Because I could understand whatever he said in the moment when I got a close-up of him, he used to say all of his lines in English. That, in my opinion, was quite admirable.

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“All it takes is extreme mindfulness. These are the kinds of things that truly show who someone is, how much they appreciate their work, and how supportive they are of others. That was incredibly comforting.”

‘Dhootha’ – Sagar’s World Flips: A Supernatural Thriller

Sagar (Naga Chaitanya), a seasoned journalist, thought he had seen it all. But when the headlines start eerily mirroring his own life, he finds himself plunged into a chilling reality beyond anything he could have imagined. Newspapers, once a source of information, become harbingers of his doom, predicting incidents that unfold with terrifying accuracy.

Sagar’s world turns upside down as he becomes a pawn in a sinister game, haunted by the unknown. He must unravel the mystery and break free from the grip of the supernatural before it’s too late. In this gripping thriller, secrets are unearthed, the line between reality and illusion blurs, and Sagar must face the terrifying truth of his own existence.

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