Watch: Netflix’s ‘Obliterated’ Sex Scene May Be the Strangest On TV In 2023

Netflix's Obliterated

After turning a passion for martial arts films and nostalgia for the ’80s into a legitimate streaming success with Karate Kid Continuation Cobra Kai, the show’s creators have now switched their focus to the explosive, sometimes ridiculous, but always entertaining action thrillers of the ’90s with their new Netflix series.

Memorable Hottest Scenes

After stopping a terrorist threat, an elite group of operatives led by Ava Winters (Shelley Hennig) and Chad McKnight (Nick Zano) celebrate in style by traveling to Las Vegas to indulge in drugs, alcohol, and sex. This is the plot of Obliterated. The problem is that the nuclear device they defused turned out to be a ruse, and the actual bomb remains undetected. They’re all in different states right now.

The plot’s opening night of revelry is sufficiently risqué, with Ava and Chad getting laid in style and tech expert Maya (Kimi Rutledge) recreating the classic whipped-cream bikini scene from the late ’90s comedy Varsity Blues. However, the most memorable sex scene of the show occurs in the penultimate episode.

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In “Make It Rain,” the seventh episode, Ava and Chad succumb to their love for one another once more, sharing a passionate kiss in a hotel room while Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” sets the tone. Up until Ava looks over Chad’s shoulder and learns they are being watched, the scenario is a textbook love scene right out of the pulpy movies the program is emulating. “That’s Joey,” Chad replies.

Chad rotates Ava around in response to her concerns that she won’t be able to climax if there is a camel “staring” at her, but he soon finds Joey’s wary stare to be distracting. The team’s entrance abruptly ends the moment, calling Ava and Chad a “couple of freaks” for bringing the camel into the bedroom. In the end, Joey is the only one who truly has a hump in the scene.

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