Armored & Bulletproof Cars: which SUVs and sedans are available to purchase?

Armored & Bulletproof Cars: Hpw to Buy, Price? Toyota, Lexus, BMW

Buying an armored car isn’t just for movie heroes or world leaders—it has practical applications for individuals concerned about personal safety. Whether living in high-crime areas or working in risky professions, armored vehicles provide significantly higher protection against various threats. 

Fortunately, armored cars don’t necessarily have to resemble tanks; they can include sleek options like a luxurious Mercedes-Benz sedan or a spacious Ford minivan. These vehicles are designed to provide a higher level of protection against threats without compromising on aesthetics or comfort.

Armored cars typically have reinforced body structures, bullet-resistant glass, and other security enhancements. The goal is to create a discreet and sophisticated appearance while offering increased safety for occupants. When considering an armored car, it’s essential to assess the level of protection required, keeping in mind factors such as ballistic resistance, blast protection, and other security features.

These bulletproof cars are available for sale

In every automotive segment, you can find a model that is well-suited as an armored transport vehicle. For example, a top executive, celebrity, or government official may opt for an armored Mercedes-Benz sedan to seamlessly blend luxury with discreet protection in urban environments. Individuals living in areas with elevated crime rates or geopolitical instability may choose an armored Ford minivan for family safety without compromising style. Business leaders  might favor a luxurious Lexus, Bentley or Rolls-Royce with added protection, ensuring they arrive at meetings securely and stylishly.

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Also, high-end transport services catering to VIP clients might invest in armored Mercedes Sprinter vans for comfortable and secure transportation.

Here are some examples of popular cars that can be easily found as armored vehicles: 


  • Toyota Land Cruiser 300
  • Toyota Prado
  • GMC Yukon XL
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Infiniti QX80
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 78
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
  • Toyota Fortuner

Luxury SUVs:

  • Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG
  • Lexus LX 570
  • Lexus LX 600
  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan
  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Mercedes-Benz S650 Maybach
  • Land Rover Range Rover L
  • Lincoln Navigator L
  • BMW X7


  • Mercedes-Benz S650 Maybach 
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • BMW 750i
  • Jaguar XJL
  • Toyota Camry
  • Audi A8

Van/Sprinter Category:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500
  • Ford Transit 350HD
  • Iveco Daily
  • Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Additionally, there are dedicated armored vehicles, such as those offered by Inkas.

In each case, an armored vehicle offers a fusion of opulence and protection, catering to individuals who prioritize both style and security in their daily lives. Whether it’s a sleek sedan or a spacious minivan, the world of armored vehicles has evolved to provide tailored solutions for diverse needs.

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Armored vehicles Protection levels

There is a European standard called EN 1063 that sets forth specifications and testing methods for evaluating the ballistic resistance of transparent materials, such as glass and plastics, intended for use in civilian and military vehicles. The standard provides a classification system for different levels of ballistic protection, based on the ability of the material to withstand the impact of projectiles.

The classification is denoted by the letters “BR” (Ballistic Resistance) followed by a number indicating the specific level. The levels are based on the type of ammunition the material can resist, with higher numbers indicating higher levels of protection.

Here’s a breakdown of what each level generally protects against:

  • BR1 and BR2:
    • Protects against low-velocity handgun threats.
    • Example Ammunition: 9mm Luger FMJ (BR1), .357 Magnum (BR2).
  • BR3:
    • Protects against higher-velocity handgun threats.
    • Example Ammunition: .44 Magnum.
  • BR4 and BR5:
    • Protects against medium-velocity rifle threats, typically associated with assault rifles.
    • Example Ammunition: 7.62x39mm FMJ (BR4), 5.56x45mm SS109 (BR5).
  • BR6:
    • Protects against high-velocity rifle threats, including armor-piercing ammunition.
    • Example Ammunition: 7.62x51mm P80 AP.
  • BR7:
    • Provides enhanced protection against armor-piercing rifle threats.
    • Example Ammunition: 7.62x51mm P80 AP at a higher velocity.
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If you work or live in a potentially hostile environment, for example in conflict zones, with an elevated risk of targeted attacks involving armor-piercing rifle ammunition, choose BR6 or BR7 protection.

Finally, consider the following: 

Budget: Higher protection levels often come with higher costs.

Mobility: The level of armor can impact the weight and agility of the vehicle. 

Professional advice: Consult with security experts, armored vehicle manufacturers, or specialists who can provide guidance based on your individual circumstances. 

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