Moyo Lawal Regarding Her Leaked Sex Footage – ‘A Period For Recovery’

Moyo Lawal Regarding Her Leaked Sex Footage - Moyo Lawal; 'A Period For Recovery'

Moyo Lawal is a Nigerian actress and has acted in numerous Nigerian films. When Ms. Lawal Bin’s private video went viral on social media lately, it made headlines.

Moyo Lawal Sex Footage Leaked

She did not even state that she intended to sue anyone who leaked the footage. She recognized the man accompanying her in the video as her former fiancé.

Following the disclosure of her sex tape, the actress shed additional insight on life in a new post titled “A Time to Heal” on her verified Instagram account.

Actors from Nollywood, including Tayo Odueke, Omoni Oboli, Empress Njamah, Adeniyi Johnson, and Kate Henshaw, have shown their sympathy and support for the actress.

“Every hunter will always be a hero until a lioness shares her story. Pipo constantly considers peaceful, unproblematic pipo to be idiots. But I believe it’s time for me to speak up.

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Moyo Lawal Statement Regarding Her Sex Tape

I want to clarify that the film I made with my former partner, whom I was hoping to marry, is not intended for public viewing, and any unapproved sharing of it would be a violation of my personal space. Nevertheless, legal action will be taken in response to this heinous privacy violation.

“One thing, though, that I can tell you for sure is that tins don’t look like they are. Only twice did I receive xxx last year, and it was not via video. She rejected claims that she had made the video public and reiterated that she had given her agreement for it to be recorded.

Lawal claimed that the man in the video was her fiancé, with whom she had broken up due to communication issues. Furthermore, the footage was taken during her illness.

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“He doesn’t live for Nigeria; he had to work hard to earn my trust over the course of several years. After working hard to buy a house, get married, and everything that, we break up. She went on to say that she is not that kind of girl and that she is a private person who dislikes trouble.

“I don’t turn down a lot of dates, I’ve slept alone 90% of my adult life, I choose to be by myself, and I came across this ugly video that happened when I was sick and wanted to hang over her head.” She gave a tok. Following the release of the sex tape, Ms. Lawal claims that she has not lost faith and is still gidigba.

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