15 Common SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Used in the USA

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing is the backbone of any organization. Without efficient marketing, a company couldn’t make any presence in the market and generate sales. With the technological advancements in every industry, marketing operations are also modernized. 

Marketing automation is an emerging trend in the market that uses software to automate monotonous marketing activities such as email marketing, social media posting, ad campaigns, and more. 

Automating marketing activities is efficient and provides a more customized approach for the customers. If you wish to maximize the benefits of using SaaS marketing automation tools, you should consult a digital marketing agency in Houston, which can help you plan a customized strategy. 

In this regard, we shall explore some of the popular SaaS marketing automation tools employed by companies in the USA.

1) Hotjar

Hotjar is a useful behavior analytics tool with which businesses can see what visitors do on their websites and understand their users.

Because of the comprehensive usability insights that Hotjar gives to thousands of companies globally, many firms trust this software. Heatmap is a very simple tool in Hotjar that allows us to quickly examine the website page usage and draw conclusions on how to respond to obtained data. 

2) Semrush

Semrush is among the leading SEO optimization tools in the market, providing data-driven results. It helps track high-performing keywords and analyze your competitors’ websites.

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It also gives in-depth reports about how well each of the selected keywords ranked, and any issues you ought to address to increase the reach. 

 3) Hubspot 

Hubspot is a powerful tool meant to be used exclusively for marketing automation and is currently recognized as one of the best tools for SEM.

It supports blogging, contact management in CRM, website creation, social media management, etc. One of the best things about Hubspot is that it provides a number of free tools, which makes this platform ideal for startups.. 

4) RelayThat 

RelayThat is an efficient design tool that can help you make thousands of engaging designs in all formats and designs. You just need to add some basic things that are needed for design, such as text, images, and your brand’s theme colors. 

With RelayThat, you can drag and drop the elements for creating branded content and publish stunning designs in just a matter of seconds. 

5) Aeroleads 

Aeroleads is among the top SaaS platforms that substitute most other platforms for lead generation, email marketing, and analytics. 

Additionally, it keeps you informed on real-time data concerning your campaigns and helps you optimize your marketing tactics.

Email marketing is associated with Aeroleads, which gives you an email list full names and contacts of prospective buyers.. 

 6) Typeform

The marketing team can easily monitor personalized buyer research, product research, and consumer preferences using Typeform. 

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It is known for its help in designing and distributing surveys. Moreover, it also offers a user-friendly interface. 

7) Tableau 

It is well-known that Tableau assists in connecting all the sources of data and gathering them on a personalized dashboard.

It allows you to monitor your company’s performance easily via comprehensible graphs.

That’s the best thing about it is that it can connect with more than 50 other SaaS and social media applications.

8) Vidyard 

Vidyard is a video platform that is designed exclusively for organizations that rely on videos for marketing. This tool lets you customize your videos according to the target audience. 

It is also beneficial for increasing lead generation, boosting your sales, and reaching new customers effectively.

 9) EngageBay

EngageBay is a great option for investing in an affordable marketing tool that has everything you might need. It has features such as contact management, email personalization, marketing analytics, workflow automation, and many others. 

10) Albacross

Albacross is a free marketing tool that can be added as a Chrome extension. It collects data for marketing purposes and helps your business to grow. 

11) Wistia 

Looking for a video-hosting app designed especially for business purposes? Then, that’s where Wistia steps in. This tool helps enhance communication to develop a deeper connection with your customers.  

12) PandaDoc

If you are looking for a SaaS tool that helps you automate the process of creating, sending, tracking, and electronically signing sales documents, then that’s where PandaDoc steps in.  

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13) Trello

It is important for organizations to track the performance of their employees. Trello is one of the top project management tools that has a proven record of helping organizations achieve consistency and efficiency. 

14) Encharge

Encharge is one of the top market automation tools that makes you realize that automating marketing operations has gone far. 

This tool helps you gather customer insights across all your platforms and automatically send customized messages to the targeted people. 

Encharge also works to retain leads and move customers through your sales funnel effortlessly. 

15) Better Proposal 

Writing winning proposals is a need of every business. Better Proposal is an online writing tool that helps you write winning proposals quicker and make them more engaging. 

With Better Proposal, you can also create video proposals by embedding your company’s theme colors, logo, and anything else you want. 

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