Vijay Deverakonda Takes Action Against YouTuber For Spreading False Information

Vijay Deverakonda files complaint against YouTuber for spreading misinformation

Telugu actor Vijay Deverakonda’s team has filed a complaint against a YouTuber for sharing unfounded rumors about the actor on his channel. The YouTuber, identified as Venkata Kiran from Anantapur, posted the offensive content on his channel CinePolis.

Swift Action Taken by Police and Deverakonda’s Team

Deverakonda’s team promptly reported the matter to the Cyber Crime Department, and the police took swift action. They ensured the removal of the offensive video from the channel and reportedly apprehended the YouTuber. An FIR (First Information Report) was also registered against Kiran under case number 2590/2023.

Vijay’s team said, “A few days ago, this individual spread vulgar news about Vijay and another actress. The police promptly responded after their attention was brought to the disrespectful news. They located the person involved and let go of him post counseling and deletion of videos.”

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They added, “Preventive measures are being taken to avoid such incidents in the future. Vijay is used to rumour-mongering, but sometimes, people cross a line. He wants to set an example, especially when a third party’s name is also dragged in unfairly because it’s not okay.”

Setting an Example and Protecting Reputations

Deverakonda’s team, in a statement to Hindustan Times, emphasized their stance against online misinformation and the importance of protecting reputations. They stated that while the actor is accustomed to facing rumors, this instance crossed a line, especially as it involved another individual. They aim to set an example and deter such incidents in the future.