21-Year-Old Mumbai YouTuber’s Hacked CCTV Video Leaked Online

21-Year-Old Mumbai YouTuber's Hacked CCTV Video Leaked Online

A chilling case of cyber voyeurism has shaken the online community, as a young YouTuber and eSports player residing in Bandra, Mumbai, fell victim to a privacy invasion. According to a Times of India report, the YouTuber’s CCTV camera was hacked on November 17 while he was exiting his bathroom after a shower. Compromising footage was captured without his knowledge and later found on social media platforms.

The victim remained oblivious to the breach until December 10, when the disturbing video began circulating online. Deeply shaken, he immediately filed a complaint with the Bandra police, detailing the incident and the unauthorized access to his bedroom CCTV camera. The complaint further sheds light on the video’s dissemination across social media platforms like Instagram and Telegram.

This incident raises serious concerns about online privacy and cybersecurity vulnerabilities, particularly for those with a public digital presence. Experts highlight the importance of robust security measures, including strong passwords for internet-connected devices like CCTVs and regular firmware updates to patch security flaws.

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“This is a blatant violation of my privacy and a deeply disturbing experience,” the victim shared in a statement released through his lawyer. “I urge the authorities to act swiftly against the perpetrators and bring them to justice. I hope this incident serves as a wake-up call for everyone to be vigilant about their online security and privacy.”

Meanwhile, the Bandra police are actively investigating the matter, seeking assistance from cybercrime experts to track the hack’s origin and identify the culprits. They also explore legal options under the Information Technology Act 2000, which addresses cybercrimes and privacy violations.

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