Hollywood Hits the Casino: ‘The Wake’ Films at Central New York’s YBR

Casino Royale: How a Hollywood Film Crew Scammed a New York Resort

A new movie with Hollywood stars is filming in Chittenango, New York. 

The film, titled “The Wake,” is a dark comedy directed by Brian Brightly. The YBR Casino & Sports Book Casino, owned by Turning Stone Enterprises, is one of the locations where the movie is being shot this month. The casino is excited to host the film crew and actors and hopes to attract more visitors and attention to its venue.

 Directed by Brian Brightly and featuring a cast of Hollywood stars (names still under wraps!), the film promises a unique blend of humor and drama set against the backdrop of the casino’s vibrant lights and high-stakes action.

More than just a location, the YBR Casino is a character in itself. 

The film will capture the energy and atmosphere of the casino floor, from the clinking of chips to the crowd’s roar. Imagine a scene where a group of grieving friends, brought together by sudden death, find solace and unexpected laughter amidst the flashing slot machines and hushed poker tables. 

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This unique setting adds a layer of intrigue and complexity to the narrative, making “The Wake” a truly compelling watch.

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