Using EBT for Pet Food: Navigating Food Stamps for Furry Friends

Using EBT for Pet Food: Navigating Food Stamps for Furry Friends

People around the world who have pets will all tell you they are considered members of the family. As such, many of the benefits offered by the Government are often used for any pets that are in the household.

But people often wonder if the EBT Card for example, can be used to buy food or other items dedicated for pets. We will tell you about the dos and don’t of using both Food Stamps and you EBT Card when you are buying groceries.

Apart from pet food, there are many other items that your beloved mascots require and you obviously want what’s best for them. But can you use these benefits in order to buy stuff for them as well?

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Can you use EBT Cards or Food Stamps for pets?

According to the regulations of EBT Card and Food Stamps, pet food falls into the category of items that are not for humans. Meaning that pet food cannot be purchased with your EBT Card or using Food Stamps.

The United States Department of Agriculture are the ones that forbid people from using these benefits in order to buy stuff for pets. But there must be a way to find loopholes so you can use some programs in order to buy pet food. Let’s take a look at the options Americans have in order to somehow bypass those rules.

If you get Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) issued through your EBT Card, that may be a way you can purchase pet food for sure. This program offers funds from grants to states and other territories that help people provide families with financial support or other types of services. In order to qualify for these benefits, you need to be a citizen in the country, legal alien or qualified alien.

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