The Most Popular Casino Games to Play Over Christmas

The Most Popular Casino Games to Play Over Christmas.

Christmas is perhaps the best time of the year to celebrate and relax. What better way to end the year than by playing your favorite online casino games in the comfort of your home during this festive season? 

Whether you are going to a casino or playing in the comfort of your home, you need to understand what games to and not to play. This article will cover some renowned casino games with a lower edge and the best chance to secure potential big bucks. Read on as we take you through popular casino games to play over Christmas. 


Most seasoned players understand that table games have much better-winning odds than slot machines, so long as you follow their rules. Blackjack has the best odds of winning, with just a one per cent house edge. The advantage is that you only play with the dealer. 

It’s a classic from South America and relies on players’ skills. Therefore, there is no deception; it is just you versus the dealer handling the complex numbers. The technique and thrills make players improvise and take risks, making it our favourite.  

You only have to look for a number without going over 21 to beat the dealer. If you are a novice, you can start with blackjack. The bottom line is that blackjack is the best game, with a high chance of you going home with a big prize. However, the house always has the edge. 

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From the blackjack table, we suggest you move on to the craps. Craps is a game with the second-best odds, also nearly 50/50. It can be one of the most challenging games amongst newbies. However, as time passes, it becomes less tough and gives newbies the best chance of winning big. 

What if you are a novice or nervous playing craps? The operators advise you to spend some time with the dealers in the early hours. The dealers will show you the best way to play those games. 

Roulette Wheel

Your next stop after craps should be the roulette wheel. To get started with roulette, you have to choose your favorite numbers. Let the dealer spin, and if your number comes in, you win. 

If you stick to just choosing red or black, you have nearly a 50 to 50 chance of walking away a winner. Do you want a chance to bring home more prizes? You can now choose a row or grid of twelve digits. However, you will have the lowest odds of winning. 

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The house edge here is 10 per cent or more, even giving professionals a hard time at the wheel of fortune.    

Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is the epitome of the classic casino image. It is one of the few casino games where you play against other players. Unlike blackjack, you can outdo your opponent using deception and tactical strategies even if you don’t have the cards to win. 

Texas Hold ’em is a great game, but it depends on how you conduct yourself and the cards in your hand. Fortune is the favorite, delivering the game of poker, fun, and charm you can’t find anywhere else. You also don’t have to sacrifice the game’s tension while playing. 


Baccarat is a roulette of cards where you play against your dealer. You play on whether you’ll have a higher total, tie, or low total on your cards than the dealer. The dealer gets dealt with 2 cards, and you 3 cards. Every round you play against the dealer is a game of chance. But, the slim chance of whether you will win or lose is gripping. 

Six Shooter

In Six Shooters, players play against the house. You have to roll 3 dice after the house rolls 6. The objective of the six-shooter game is for the player to match that dealer’s dice. 

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The only problem is it lacks a strategy and other players. Nonetheless, the multiple rounds and the random nature give the game the justice and tension you will get in a few casino games. 


The above games are the most popular every professional or beginner player dreams of. They will give you the best odds to walk home with a big prize in your pockets. However, be cautious while playing these games as they still favour the house. You want to avoid blowing your bankroll on Christmas. 

Here is a tip for online casino players: only place a bet as much as you can afford to lose. You will still get a good amount of money if you manage and stick to risk management. 

The casinos will maintain their advantage to stay profitable. Always do your homework before you choose a game to play. Know what the casino advantage has on any game variation and manage your lot sizes on any wager you place. 

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