Minorities Rights Day: ‘Celebrate our Muslim women entrepreneurs’

Nguvu Change Leader Farhat Sayed (1)

Nguvu Change Leader Farhat Sayed asks Shark Tank to spotlight powerful stories of Muslim women entrepreneurs with one episode dedicated to them

In January 2024, the third season of Shark Tank India, an Indian Hindi-language business reality television series, will begin airing amid a conversation about just how much diversity it represents. 

According to Nguvu Change Leader and Mumbai-based entrepreneur Farhat Sayed, there is a need for more representation of minority communities, especially Muslim women, in the show. 

Amplifying this cause on the occasion of Minorities Rights Day (December 18), Farhat says that despite India having over 12.84% of Muslim women entrepreneurs, they struggle with a lack of visibility as well as sufficient opportunities to sustain and scale their businesses.

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“Shark Tank India is considered a prestigious platform for providing opportunities to women entrepreneurs and making their aspirations come true. Dedicating at least one episode to existing and aspiring businesswomen from the Muslim community in Season 3 will make the show more inclusive and help women break barriers that prevent them from realising their entrepreneurial potential,” adds Farhat.

She has launched an online petition urging the event’s judges, including Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh, and Ghazal Alagh, along with the reality show’s team, to increase representation from the Muslim community. This initiative, according to the petition, aims to empower Muslim women like her to create a lasting legacy for the next generation.

The Indian franchise of the American show Shark Tank features a panel of potential investors, termed “Sharks,” who evaluate entrepreneurs’ pitch ideas for a business or product they wish to develop. After judging the business concepts and products pitched, they decide whether to invest their money to help markets and mentor each contestant.

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 “What we have learned from news reports is that there will be 12 judges in the upcoming season, not just six to seven as in the previous instalments. The increase in ‘Sharks’ will hopefully provide more opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Hence, I am seeking greater support from them to endorse my petition,” she concludes.

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