The Biggest Indicators That Your iPhone Has Water Damage

The Biggest Indicators That Your iPhone Has Water Damage

Even though Apple pays great attention to improving the water resistance of new models, dropping an expensive phone into the water can cause severe stress, assuming that you do not know how to determine if there is water in your iPhone

In this article, you will learn what does a wet iPhone look like and how to use the biggest indicators to check if water has got on your device.

How to check if the iPhone is damaged by water

There are several wet indicators. The LCI is the most significant one. By following this simple method, you ensure that water has got on your iPhone or not and be aware of what prevention steps to take.

Liquid contact indicator (LCI)

Here’s how you can check the LCI to determine if your iOS gadget is damaged by water.

  • Locate the SIM card tray under the volume buttons.
  • Insert the SIM card clip or remove the device into the slot of the tray and gently press it. The SIM card tray will slide out, and you can easily relocate it.
  • Look inside the empty slot with a flashlight or magnifying glass. If you see a red color inside the chip slot, your phone is wet. If you see a white or silver color inside an empty slot, the LCI is not activated, and the water has not affected your mobile.
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Visual signs

Perform the following checks to determine if your iPhone is damaged by water.

  • Check for discoloration, corrosion, or blurred lines on the charger.
  • Verify discoloration or corrosion on the headset.
  • Inspect for discoloration or corrosion on the SIM chip or memory slot.
  • Review if there are any traces of moisture under the display.

After completing all given checks, you may clarify whether your device has been exposed to water or this did not happen.

Foggy cameras

One of the first things you should do when examining your phone for any damage is to review its cameras. They are sensitive parts of the gadget and are easily exposed to scratches, drops, and water exposure.

Water entering the camera can cause the lens to fog up and image quality to deteriorate. The front-facing camera is especially prone to damage if you replace the screen at some point in the phone’s history.

Face ID does not work.

Apple’s biometric security features are one of the things you can lose if your iPhone floats unsuccessfully in the water.

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Although your front-facing camera may run out of battery, and the image quality can return to its previous state, the Face ID function may still be unavailable. 

Okay, so what happens next? You can try to fix the Face ID function on your iPhone, but the best solution is to contact a specialist as soon as possible.

Speakers become almost inaudible.

Another clear sign that an Apple phone is wet – the speakers become inaudible. If you want to buy a used iPhone, after checking the cameras, you should play some sounds on the speakers to see how it sounds.

If the sounds on the iPhone are muted then it can be assumed that the phone’s speaker has been damaged by water. You can also test the operation of the front speaker by playing a voice note in iMessage and putting it to your ear.

Unstable charging

In most cases, when your mobile falls into the water, it is likely dirty water. It can contain sand, dirt, or other unpleasant substances. They can get into your phone’s charging port and block all contacts. When the contacts are locked in this way, the charger will not be able to insert into the device. This can prevent the phone from charging at all.

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Is It Possible to Repair an iPhone Damaged by Water?

If there is a problem and your Apple phone drops in the water, you can try to take the device to the workshop for repair. However, the degree of damage determines how much the repair will cost. If the water has caused internal damage, you should replace the device soon.

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