Watch: Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong Deepfake Video Linking Him to Crypto Scams

Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong deepfake video

Singapore has been rocked by a recent wave of deepfake videos featuring Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. These manipulated clips, circulated online and on social media, depict the PM endorsing cryptocurrency scams.

The government has swiftly condemned these videos, and PM Lee himself has spoken out against them, calling them “deeply troubling” and a “misinformation threat.”

The Nature of the Deepfakes:

The deepfake videos, created using sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, are highly realistic and can be deceptively convincing.

They show PM Lee making pronouncements about specific cryptocurrency platforms and investment schemes. These fabricated statements are not only damaging to the PM’s reputation but also pose a significant risk to the public, potentially luring unsuspecting individuals into financial scams.

PM Lee’s Response:

In a public statement, PM Lee expressed his grave concern about the circulation of these deepfakes. He emphasized that the videos are entirely fabricated and that he has never made any such endorsements as depicted.

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He further urged the public to remain vigilant and critically evaluate any information they encounter online, especially concerning financial matters.

Government Action:

The Singaporean government has also taken a proactive stance against the deepfakes. The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) is actively investigating the source of the videos and has pledged to take appropriate action against those responsible. Additionally, the government is working on raising public awareness about the dangers of deepfakes and providing guidance on how to identify and avoid them.

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