BLACKPINK’s Future Plans Revealed: No More Solo Activities! Only Group Activities

No More Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, or Jisoo? YG Announces BLACKPINK's Solo Contracts Are Over!
YG Drops Bombshell News: BLACKPINK To Focus On Group Activities Only!

BLINKs, we have some amazing news for you! YG Entertainment has just confirmed that BLACKPINK is not renewing individual contracts for solo activities. That means the four queens will be focusing on their group projects and promotions for the foreseeable future!

This is a huge win for the fans who have been waiting for more BLACKPINK content since their last album, The Album, dropped in 2020. The girls have been busy with their solo endeavors, such as Lisa’s dance mentorship on Youth With You 3, Rosé’s solo debut with R, Jennie’s fashion collaborations with Chanel, and Jisoo’s acting debut in Snowdrop. While we love and support their individual talents, we can’t deny that we miss seeing them together as a group.

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The announcement

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK recently renewed their contracts with YG for their group activities, and we have agreed not to proceed with additional contracts for [the members’] individual activities.

We will do our utmost to support BLACKPINK’s activities, and we will cheer on the members’ individual activities with warm hearts.”

YG Entertainment stated that they respect the members’ wishes to prioritize their group activities over their personal ones. They also assured the fans that they have many exciting plans for BLACKPINK in 2021 and beyond, including a possible world tour, a new album, and more collaborations with international artists. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

What do you think of this news, BLINKs? Are you happy that BLACKPINK is not renewing individual contracts for solo activities? Let us know in the comments below!