Which Rooms to Have Carpet In

Which Rooms to Have Carpet In

With the constant changing of flooring trends throughout the housing industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the most modern looks and know which trends are in and out. While some houses may consider having all hard floors, there are still many homeowners who appreciate the benefits and style that comes from having warm carpeted areas throughout their house.

Now while every room should have carpet in it, there are many spaces that can benefit greatly and add so much style to your home when used in a tasteful and proper way. There are many rooms that can work well with carpet and some rooms that can’t. We will explore which rooms that you should choose to have carpeted, using the amazing carpet installer Idaho Falls, and which rooms will be better off without it. 

Your Primary Living Spaces

When thinking about relaxing, living, and socializing, you may want to invite a quieter and warmer tone into your home. Hard flooring can feel so cold and business-like, whereas carpet can bring that sense of peace and serenity into a space that is made for socializing and relaxation.

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These cozy additions can help bring that certain mood and tone that you are going for whether you are living there by yourself or you are hoping to entertain frequently. This will help to provide your house with a welcoming feel that invites yourself and your guests to kick off their shoes and really feel like they are at home.

Sleep Areas and Bedrooms

Any room that you may have sleeping guests or family members is a good space to consider carpeting. While helping to give that same tone of warmth that you can achieve in your primary living spaces, carpet allows for a resting tone as you get settled into bed. Carpets tend to be quieter, which will help to not disturb those sleeping around you and will add to the overall comfort appeal you are hoping to achieve. 

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Hallways and Stairs

Depending on your particular home situation, you may want to consider carpet flooring in your hallways and stairs. Because of the softer and plush nature of carpets, it makes for a more gentle landing from falls – no matter what your age. You could have toddlers or elder grandparents living with you and carpet flooring allows you to accommodate anyone from any age group with this timeless flooring option.

Hallways are the transitions to the rest of your home and often to your bedrooms. When these spaces are able to be carpeted, they help to solidify that tone throughout your entire house. 

Rooms to Not Have Carpet In

In many water-prone areas, it would be unwise to have carpets in those areas. Rooms such as the bathrooms and kitchen would not be the best choice due to the amount of spills that could happen which is likely to result in staining or even mold because they tend to be more difficult to clean.

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You are better off with going with hard flooring for these particular spaces in order to not damage them as much and so that you can have an easier time cleaning up if needed. Carefully decide which rooms you should and should not have carpeted in your home.

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